January 5th, 2015
Important News from Mike

NEWS for the New Year:

Time for a new year of fencing. For those of you who would like lessons from me, it's time to leave Frederiksberg Slot. The 2 clubs closest with excellent facilities, are Mahaut in Grondalcenter, and Trekanten in Ryparken. Mahaut fencing Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Trekanten Monday and Thursday. The kids fence 17:30 and adults 19:00 at Mahaut. For more info, check out their web pages. I like fencing at both clubs and we are welcome to join them at anytime, they are both friendly and professional. I suggest to my students that you try each club and see how you like them, before signing up. I'll be going to both, and giving lessons to any of my students who are interested.

If anyone needs to contact me,click here.

I'll be fencing at Mahaut every Wednesday at 19:00ish, and Trekanten on Thursday 18:00ish. Monday's will be week by week for now until everyone is settled in.

Congrats to ...
Congratulations to the fencers who competed in the Danish Championships this weekend: Casper finished 9th, Rasmus 11th, Jens 13th, Thomas 18th, and Julia. Not bad at all guys, considering how little training you've had this month.
Congratulations to "Mike Army" , Casper, Rasmus, Jens, Thomas, for taking 3rd place in the team competition.
Fencing Links
Here's some nice Foil Lessons Links: Adults and for Kids and Another

Nice touche Casper !

Mike's Army finishes 3rd

Sweet Thomas !

Rasmus Attack or Counter ?

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